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Staircase Renovation

Taking the Scare Out of Staircase Renovation

Wm Coffman stair parts have been around since before electricity and that longevity is what makes them the perfect partner for your staircase renovation. With a history that dates back over 140 years and hundreds, if not thousands of staircase renovations and installations, Wm Coffman stair parts understand the nuances of transforming your staircase into the one that fits your personal interior design style.

A staircase renovation is a major undertaking, but one that can be made much easier by having the right partner and the right stair parts. You should be able to choose from a variety of materials and finishes for your balusters, treads, railings and newels. These choices allow you to put your own personal stamp on your staircase renovation. If you are renovating your staircase as part of a bigger home renovation, Wm Coffman can help. We have seen design trends come and go, but we understand how to blend materials in a way that provides a timeless element to your home.

You may find that your staircase renovation is made necessary by changes in building codes. If you have a historic home with an original staircase, the spindles or balusters may be spaced too far apart, which could be unsafe for your family. With a significant number of stair parts available online, you may be able to supplement your current stair parts in a way that blends seamlessly with your original parts for a newer, safer staircase that honors the historic value of your home and doesn't change its character.

The staircase you envision is one that will be a focal point for family photos, holiday decorating, and perhaps one of the first things your guests see when they visit your home. A staircase is an iconic part of your home's architecture, one around which many memories will be shaped. You can't leave this kind of decision to chance, or to what is most available at the hardware store down the street. To construct a truly elevated design and understand all the elements that will make your staircase one of a kind, you'll want to partner with a company that has been designing and manufacturing staircases of all shapes, designs and sizes for almost one and a half centuries.

We know that you want to get it right, so that this first impression is beautiful, durable and reflects your design style. Our company is here to help you achieve the perfect balance with staircase design tools, resources and a great selection of options for every part of your staircase. From iron balusters and wooden spindles and newel posts, to railings and staircase accessories, our online store will walk you through every part of your project from its inception to installation.

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