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Stair Building Materials

Choosing the Right Stair Building Materials

Think about the daily use of your staircase. A staircase is an iconic part of our homes. Think of Jimmy Stewart dealing with the loose finial at the bottom of his staircase in “It's a Wonderful Life”, or Mary Poppins sliding up the banister at the Banks's home. A staircase is an integral part of any home that has one. In your own home, you may use your staircase for annual family photos, or as an anchor to your holiday decorating that welcomes visitors. Whether or not it is central to your home’s entry, your staircase is one of the focal points of your home. So, when you purchase stair building materials, you need to purchase stair parts that are durable and attractive.

Wooden balusters are a very traditional design choice, and they offer the ability to have a wide variety of finishes that will complement your decor. For wooden balusters, consider whether or not you want to use paint or stain as your final finish. For painted finishes, you can defer to a wood that is less expensive but might not have as attractive a wood grain as and oak balusters. Pine is a reasonable choice because it still offers strength and durability but is less expensive than oak. Oak is a great choice for wooden balusters that will be stained. By choosing either red or white oak and reviewing a number of different stains, there is almost no limit to the looks you can achieve. Finding one that is a perfect complement to your home’s design style is assured.

Stair building materials are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes and levels of quality. Do your research. Find a vendor that doesn’t just offer a few options, but rather has a tremendous selection of stair building materials. Maybe your vision is a staircase that mirrors other elements of your home’s architecture, or perhaps you want to recreate a staircase from your own family history. There are only a few elements in our homes that are structurally significant, but also completely visible. A staircase has a unique necessity to be strong, durable and safe, while also being welcoming and beautiful. It should highlight our home’s architecture while not being the only focal point.

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