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Stair Spindles

Stair Spindles Provide Function and Fashion

While researching parts for stairs and stair systems, it’s important to know the industry terms to identify what you’re looking for. Stair spindles perform the same function as banisters. From a strictly functional standpoint, balusters and spindles for stairs hold up the railing and give it strength. But parts for stairs should also be beautiful and enhance the overall interior design of your home. When you partner with the right vendor, you can find quality parts that are both strong and durable without sacrificing the final look of your staircase project.

Having many different versions of stair spindles is important as you work toward a finished staircase that has just the right look for your home. Spindles for stairs come in a variety of materials and, when installed correctly, will provide the needed structural support. But to add value to your home, spindles should be architecturally interesting, well-made and durable. However, beautiful your home is, it should also be able to endure day to day living. Your staircase should be able to handle humans and other items that move up and down it. Flimsy stair spindles made from inferior materials are not just at risk for being damaged, they can also be dangerous. Using our online tools, you can learn about how to build a beautiful staircase that is also safe and adheres to standard building codes.

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