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Staircase Accessories

Staircase Accessories to Finish Your Design

Attention to detail is what will set your final staircase apart from a cookie cutter design. Staircase accessories that complement your design aesthetic will make a tremendous difference in the final design. Staircase accessories include millwork for trimming the sides of your staircase, baluster shoes that can anchor the baluster to the tread, or tread rails that can offer a clean edge on the inside of the tread should you choose to use a carpet runner on your staircase. Choosing accessories should not be left to the last moment, but rather should be an integral part of your overall design.

While browsing online, or for any research on building or renovating a staircase, finding a vendor who carries premium stair parts will give you the confidence that all the needs you have for your project will be met. Many businesses that specialize in general contractor supplies or woodworking may have balusters and railings, but you want to find a premium stair parts vendor that offers a whole family of parts for every aspect of your design. An online design tool can help you put your vision to paper, while also giving you options that you may not have considered. When you get your design to the place where everything comes together, you can use the design tool to list the items you'll need. It may even remind you of the things you might have forgotten.

A premium stair parts vendor will also understand how all of these parts come together to realize your vision and design style. We’ve all seen the one aisle at the local hardware store devoted to stair parts. Sometimes it isn’t even a full aisle. There are limited choices and virtually no explanation about what you’ll need or how it goes together. Leaving a major design decision to the information that can be read in a free brochure probably won’t help you achieve the dramatic staircase design that you want.

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