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Oak Stair Parts

Oak Stair Parts for Durability and Beauty

Choosing the right stair railing is an important, but sometimes overlooked decision. Just like any other stair part, the stair railing has a variety of options that will allow you to complete the look of your staircase with just the right choice. Railings are an important part of the structure too. A properly installed railing ties all of the elements together and gives the side of your staircase an important structural integrity. Balusters or spindles should be firmly mounted into the underside of the stair railing so that there is no flexibility in the railing. The stair railing should also be smooth, with a good finish that will stand up to the daily traffic on your stairs. Railings with lesser quality may be rough to the touch and could result in slivers of wood.

The gold standard for stair railings is an oak stair handrail. Oak stair parts are a popular choice for many reasons. Oak comes in two basic colors: red or white, so there are choices on finish that will give you options on your final look. Red oak has an especially warm finish regardless of the kind of stain used. It can also look beautiful without stain, and just finished with a clear coat of polyurethane or polycrylic. Also, oak is abundant and sturdy. It’s no surprise that oak is often a choice for furniture manufacturers because of this wood’s ability to stand up to day-to-day use. The same is true for oak stair parts. A well finished oak stair handrail will be able to handle the daily touching that happens in a busy home. It can withstand the occasional impact from moving furniture up and down stairs. And it can even handle the irresistible slide down the banister when parents aren’t watching.

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