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Iron Stair Parts

Iron Stair Parts Bring Rich History to Your Design

The baluster's use in history can be seen dating back as far as the 15th century, where balusters were used in balconies in the cities of Verona and Venice. Even today in architecture that dates from across all historic periods, metal balusters are widely used. There is a reason that iron balusters and iron stair parts have maintained their position as some of the most popular options for use in staircase construction. The materials allow for incredible strength and durability, while also showcasing impressive design work. The craftsmen who fashion iron balusters have been innovating and creating new designs since the early methods of blacksmithing. Iron stair parts have a history and a character that they bring to every staircase design into which they are incorporated.

Iron balusters and stair parts are at the heart of your home’s interior design. At our baluster store, there are over 40 different iron baluster styles to choose from, so there is something for every taste. Our iron stair parts can be mixed and matched across design styles to create a custom look that fully expresses your home’s personality. There are a variety of baluster widths with finishes that differ from smooth and modern to a hand-hammered look. Iron balusters are available in a variety of heights to accommodate different designs and can be cut to fit your railing height by your builder (even if that's you). The range of widths give you choices that range from thinner, economical choices, to a more robust presence for your iron balusters. This also gives you the opportunity to match the size and proportions of your balusters to your home in general, and to the size and scale of the staircase you design.

Different finishes allow you to further customize your staircase in order to match other fixtures in the same area. If you’re building a new home, consider the light fixtures, paint colors, ceiling details and other embellishments in the area of your staircase. For a renovation, you may want to complement existing features that you love and intend to keep — like a historic chandelier or wall sconces. Or maybe you want your staircase to become the focal point of your new or renovated home, so you need options to make it a dramatic part of your architecture.

Our baluster store carries iron stair parts that can bring character, elegance, whimsy or symmetry to your home’s staircase, depending on your own design style. While our iron balusters are strong and ruggedly made, their design and finish present a warm and welcoming entry to your home. With thousands of possible combinations that can enhance every staircase — from grand designs with beautiful curving railings, to traditional staircases that need an authentic and historic feel — you can find what you want at our baluster store.

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