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Home Improvement Project: Investing in New Iron Balusters

From repainting a room to installing new flooring, home improvement projects can quickly boost your mood and give you a sense of fulfillment. There is one transformation often overlooked that is easy and instantly improves the appearance of your home. Replacing, or purchasing new iron balusters for your stairway will give your home a fresh interior design and have you feeling like a stair master! Here’s how you can effortlessly restore your stairs with our products.

Safety First: Calculate Spacing and Follow Code for Iron Balusters

Each state, county and city across the United States have different building codes that are required for various home improvement projects. To ensure your stairs are safe, you must design a baluster system that meets the railing code compliance in your area.

To help maintain code compliance for your stairway, remember the rule of three: if you’re scaling on a knee wall, you’ll need three iron baluster per linear foot. Mounting onto treads typically requires three iron baluster per tread. Many styles are uniquely shaped and do not offer the same width. For example, a narrow and straight iron baluster like our Gothic Plain-Satin Black will take up less space than our Gothic basket with spoons, so always plan accordingly. A 4” circle, such as a small child’s head should never be able to fit through any portion of the railing.

Find Your Perfect Pattern

From fancy grand staircases to comforting tradition styles, there is a stairway design that will fit the individual style of your home. A great aspect of iron balusters is that they are both functional and beautiful.

We offer several iron baluster style patterns and finishes that can be coordinated to create a design right for you and your home. For example, you can confidently match any of our Satin Black Basket or Twist styles with plain or wave designs. For design ideas, browse our gallery of projects.

Ensure Compatibility

Whether you’re replacing or updating balusters, it’s important to find stair parts that are compatible with the new iron balusters that you choose. Here are some things to research and inspect for compatibility.

· You want a solid base as a mounting location. Whether it’s an angled knee wall or tread, it needs to be stable, sturdy and offer enough space for installation and to secure the baluster properly.

· If you’re remodeling balusters, check for remnants such as gashes or holes. If you plan to space new iron baluster differently, then you will need a plan of action for the damage.

· Our iron balusters are designed to support most styles of handrails and handrail fittings.

Look at your overall design and ask yourself if the handrail and brackets look appropriate with the new balusters.

High-Quality Iron Stair Parts at Affordable Prices

Are you ready to create your stairway to heaven? We offer a variety of high-quality iron balusters with matching stairway parts and accessories. Find everything you need in one place, at an affordable price! Find your unique style from our selection of oil-rubbed copper or brass designs and sleek painted options at Premium stair Parts.

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